Why we do it

At Pantera, it's not just the business that we're in, we truly love to help!

We do so many types of investigations, they are all with the same goal in mind - to do the right thing and to reach the most positive outcome for our clients!

Insurance Fraud costs all of us money!  When an insurance company is having to pay out for individuals who may really not be hurt, in reality the innocent are the ones paying with higher premiums!  We have a passion to stop these individuals in their tracks!

Locates are one of our favorites!  Often it's a long lost friend or relative that someone needs to locate, we love these cases!  These can be some of the most rewarding cases for us to handle.

Does someone owe you money?  Think they are a tough person to find?  Not for us... we will track them down regardless of how hard they try to hide!  We will locate them so you can pursue your goal for recovery.  Often people just need to serve an individual but that individual can't be found.  We find them and provide our clients with the details.

Child Custody cases are really taken to heart!  Often an attorney simply needs the right evidence so the child can be placed with the best parent / guardian.  We take these cases personally and we fight for children who can't!  WE WILL STOP AT NOTHING to ensure that child gets their fair chance!  When an attorney is involved, we typically consult with the attorney handling the case.  They will generally tell us what evidence is needed to support their case.  Our team goes to work, investigates, and gathers the evidence for the case.  We can't stress this enough, we really take these cases to heart!

These are of course just a few of the types of cases that we handle.  No matter what the circumstances are surrounding your case, we provide a free consultation to let you know where we can help!

Please do not hesitate to contact us, consultations are completely free and we do our best to keep it affordable while maximizing the quality of every case we do!